Save time by paying your insurance bill directly.

In today’s crazy busy world, no one wants to spend time keeping track of bills and writing checks. We offer an option through Simply Easier Payments, Inc. to save you time. They charge a credit/debit card fee (3%) or a check fee ($3.00) for ACH/Check payments. *Dare Insurance charges a $40 fee for bounced checks.

Term and Conditions

To ensure your privacy and provide security, this site will not store any sensitive or private financial data after your payment is processed. Your financial information will be encrypted and secure and will be deleted immediately after submitting your transaction.

For Debit/Credit card payments:

  • By clicking “Confirm payment”, you understand that your payment will only be completed upon authorization by your bank or card company and acceptance of your payment by the designated municipality. If your payment was made by credit/debit card and the transaction can’t be processed due to account closure or other issues which cannot be resolved at the time of payment submission, we will attempt to notify you by email. The notification email will not contain any sensitive information.
  • If your payment is not processed or authorized by your bank or card company or the applicable company declines to accept your payment, your liability to pay shall remain and you may be subject to penalties and interest charges assessed by the company. All such obligations and charges shall remain solely your responsibility.
  • You authorize the debit/credit card charge and agree to pay the total amount confirmed during checkout.

For ACH/Check payments:

  • By clicking “Confirm payment”, you authorize the appropriate company or companies to charge the designated bank account the amount confirmed in satisfaction of the bills you selected for payment.
  • You certify that the account indicated on the billing and payment screen is owned by you and that the funds in such account are sufficient to satisfy the total amount of your payment as indicated on the payment confirmation screen.
  • You acknowledge that an electronic fund transfer will occur as a result, that the transfer will be subsequently indicated on your bank statement, and that no canceled check will be returned to you by your financial institution.
  • You acknowledge that the origination of ACH transactions involving your account must comply with the provisions of United States Law.
  • You understand that there is a $40 fee for bounced checks.

Your use of this site and the service it provides shall constitute and indicate:

  • Your acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  • Your acceptance of the fees associated with payments made at this site.

To access the Simply Easier Payments Payment Portal, please accept terms and conditions and complete the form below.

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